Thursday, August 1, 2013


I know I am MIA, but it is for good reason.

I will be back and on the attack. Until then, be in suspense.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013


I'm here to blog about a recent weekend trip to Charleston and Isle of Palms, South Carolina. RA had a meeting in Isle of Palms, so we spent a long weekend out of town. It was glorious! I am backdating this post because I can!

We left town on a Thursday morning, hoping to get to Charleston around lunchtime. As we pulled into Charleston, I got out my phone to text a friend who lives there. As I texted "Welcome to Charleston," we got rear-ended. It was jarring. We were trying to avoid blocking an intersection, and the person behind us didn't realize we were stopping rather than going through the intersection. The car that hit us was only going 10 mph, I'd guess, but it was shocking. I was certain our car had significant damage. However, much to our surprise, it didn't look too bad at all. The guys that hit us were so friendly (Anybody named "Shands" has to be nice, right?) that we didn't call the cops or anything. We just went about our merry, fender-cracked way.

On Thursday night, we stayed at an amazing hotel, Harbourview Inn, right on the water. I absolutely loved the place, and you're about the learn why. Most people know that food is a focus of mine, and this hotel made sure we were well-fed. There were complimentary snacks from a local company, including chocolate-covered pretzels, trail mix, etc. I love snacks! There was also an hour-long wine reception, complete with cheese trays and fruit. The lobby also had a candy dispenser. Ahh! At night, they serve warm cookies and not-warm milk in the lobby. Although the hotel was small and did not have its own kitchen, we were able to make a breakfast selection, and a local bakery delivered the breakfast at whatever time we specified. Awesome! It was truly a top-notch of my all-time favorites.

Pardon that tangent. When we got into town, we ate lunch at a nearby place called Fleet Landing. I got a crab cake sandwich (Yummy!), and we also had some fried green tomatoes. As we finished eating lunch, we learned that a long-time friend who lives in Charleston (MJ) was about to get off work. We walked and met her, then headed to Mellow Mushroom to sit on the patio. We got to spend some time catching up while we waited for her boyfriend (JA) to get off of work. We headed to the wine hour at the hotel before we went to dinner at a place called Pearlz, which was delicious! Of course I was focused on making it back to the hotel in time for cookies, and I enjoyed a late-night snack of white chocolate chip cookies!

Friday morning, after devouring our delicious breakfast, we packed up to head to the Wild Dunes Resort at Isle of Palms. We made it to Isle of Palms in the afternoon and suited up to go to the beach/pool. The beach was pretty darn crowded, so we only lasted a few minutes before we headed to the pool instead. There were several pools, all of which were gorgeous. We enjoyed some tasty food at the poolside restaurant and stayed out for quite a while. Some folks were heading into Charleston for the night, but RA and I were quite exhausted from the previous day's activities. We went to dinner at the restaurant at the resort golf course. I had an amazing salad with spinach, goat cheese and strawberries. We also ordered a side of macaroni and cheese, which was phenomenal!

RA had his meeting on Saturday morning, so I slept in sort of late. He finished up earlier than expected, and we went for a quick jog. We then headed to pick up MJ, who was going to be able to join us at the pool for the day. After picking her up, we stopped and grabbed lunch at R.B.'s, which was recommended to us. I got a crab cake sandwich (again!), and it was great. When we returned to the hotel, we immediately headed to the pool. It was sweltering hot, and we enjoyed catching up and lounging around. MJ's boyfriend headed to meet us after he got off work, so we enjoyed a few hours of pool time with him as well.

There was a nighttime cocktail reception for RA's group, so we tagged along for that. There were delicious little appetizers, including chicken tenders, crab cakes and cheese cubes. After the cocktail reception wrapped up, the four of us headed to the poolside restaurant to sit and eat an official dinner. I ordered a peanut butter and jelly sandwich (I don't care if it's child-like!), and it was incredible! After we finished eating dinner and listening to some live music, we headed back to our room to play some cards. It was a fun-filled day. I sure wish MJ and JA lived closer!

We headed back to town on Sunday morning. One would think I wouldn't have an appetite after all of that eating, but we stopped and got Mexican food on the way home. It hit the spot! The drive home was easy and accident-free. I really loved Charleston and Isle of Palms, and I would love to go back at some point. What a great trip!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Another year!

Happy not-birthday to me! Yesterday was my birthday, and it was a simple yet wonderful day. I took the day off of work, which has become a tradition of mine. I got up relatively early so that the day would feel as long as humanly possible. I fixed breakfast, drank coffee and caught up on some pointless TV shows.

I met a friend (KZ-turned-KB) for lunch. We had Mexican, of course, which was delightful. After lunch, I went for a birthday run outside.

RA left work early so that we could go get massages. It was honestly one of the best massages I’ve ever had. (I feel like I say that every time.) The massage therapist asked when I last had a massage, and I told him it was about a month ago. He responded, “Wow, you must be under a lot of stress.” Ahem. We then hurried to freshen up before dinner.
For dinner, we went to an amazing restaurant called TOP FLR. I had never heard of it, but I have been spreading the word ever since. It was absolutely amazing! A cheese tray was involved, which is the way to my heart. I also had some of the best macaroni and cheese ever created. Oh man! I am salivating just thinking about it again.
After dinner, we headed to Marlee’s Coffee. Every other Friday, there is one of those BYOB painting things, which I had always wanted to do. It was so much fun! We had a bit of a competition going on with our paintings. I’ll let you judge for yourself, but please make sure to look closely at the leaves. (Disregard the “Terri” painted on the left one. That was a pseudonym.)

I also set a fundraising goal for my birthday, and my team blew it out of the water. Drew’s Crew is amazing!

Thank you to everyone who made my day special!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Marching through

Hey Hey Hey! I'm back.

Well, March has been quite eventful.

I've performed in nine improv shows so far this month, and I'm having a blast. We have been experimenting with some new games, so that has been fun. It's great to try new things, especially when 125 people are watching you "figure it out." One show was at Improv in the Park at Atlantic Station. The weather had been uncharacteristically warm, and of course a freezing day got thrown into the mix, so we were quite cold. About halfway through the hour-long show, my feet were in so much pain. I was wearing two pairs of socks and two pairs of pants, but apparently it wasn't enough. There were probably almost 40 people in attendance, and they had to have been crazy! I'm cold just thinking about it.

Wedding season is upon us (Isn't it always?!), and I've gone to two showers so far this month. They were on the same weekend, of course, but it was great getting to visit with people. One shower was for a college friend (RE), so I got to see a bunch of old [youthful] friends. The other shower was for my soon-to-be sister-in-law, so it gave me a chance to see some of my extended family. Awesome! Can you say Bellini bar and assorted cheeses?

I've just kicked off my CFF fundraising for 2013. My team has surpassed the $2,000 fundraising mark, so we've only got $28,000 to go. Ha! My goal feels somewhat unattainable, but it always works itself out somehow. Drew's Crew raised more than $30,000 in 2011 and 2012, so there's no reason we can't do it again in 2013! Do I sound convincing?

I've been on a really good exercising kick recently. I have been doing a Jillian Michaels DVD about 5-6 times a week for the last three weeks, and it sure hasn't gotten any easier. I look forward to the weather getting nicer so I can run outside while dodging pollen.

Well, Spring is officially under way despite tomorrow's high in the upper 40s. I can't wait to enjoy the warmer weather, watch baseball games, sit on patios, etc. I'm hoping a warm front comes and plans to stay!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Goodbye, Sun. See you tomorrow!

Well, it appears that January and February have escaped me. I don't know if it's that I'm getting older or simply busier, but time passes faster than ever before. It feels like January just started, but I realize Friday will be March! Geez!

I spent the past weekend in Key West with RA. It was such a great trip, and I'm sad that it's already over.

We had an early morning flight on Thursday and made it to Miami by about 10. We then picked up a rental car and started making our way down to Key West. The drive was easy and beautiful. We stopped for lunch in Islamorada at a place called Lorelei. It was a nice little place on the water. Coincidentally, as we approached the restaurant, there was a boat outside that said "To Catch the Cure for Cystic Fibrosis." You could enter in a drawing to win the boat. Awesome! At Lorelei, we enjoyed conch fritters and fish sandwiches. And Rum Punch! Vacation was under way!

Upon arriving at our new home in Key West, we got unloaded and changed into clothes for warmer weather. It was almost 80 degrees in Key West (compared to feels-like-28 in Atlanta that morning). We went out to the pool, where it was complimentary cocktail hour, before we started making our way to a sunset party. The sunset party was very fun and filled with entertainers. We watched one guy on a tall unicycle (maybe 10 feet) juggle torch-things that were on fire, throwing one under his leg while on the unicycle. Crazy! Did I mention that he was on the edge of the pier, meaning that he'd be in the water if he fell backwards? After the party, we went and got dinner at a place called Alonzo's. Dinner included a half-pound of stone crabs, which is a lot smaller than it sounds. We also had some key lime pie. Delicious! Then we headed back to home base after a long day of traveling.

Friday morning we got up and went for a jog to explore the places nearby. We found a small fish market (Eaton Street Fish Market) where we went for a late breakfast/early lunch, I guess. RA had a lobster roll and I had a crabcake sandwich. They were both delicious! We then changed into swimsuits and hit the pool. It was perfect! We hung out by the pool for several hours before grabbing a small bite to eat at another restaurant next door, Azur. I had this amazing salad with a mound of warm goat cheese on the top. We then headed back and got in a quick nap before getting cleaned up for the night's activities.

Friday night consisted of a sunset sail, which was amazing. Not only was there a ton of wine available, but there was also CHEESE! It was fun watching the other attendees get more and more sociable. (I overheard someone say the line in the title. Hilarious.) I did have enough wine that, as I took a picture of the sunset, I counted "One...Two..." before realizing what I was doing. Smile, sun!

The most memorable part, though, was probably when we got pulled over by the police. Yes, in a sailboat. I didn't even know it was possible, but I'm glad it happened! I was taking pictures of the police, which I'm sure was emasculating, but I was excited. I'm not even certain why we were pulled over, honestly, but I think it had to do with the wake zone. Rebels of the sea!

After the sailboat ride, we got dinner at a place called Two Friends. I wasn't feeling particularly hungry, so, in addition to our conch fritters, I got a Caesar salad. I also ate part of a baked potato. I know I'm not making this food sound interesting, but I sure did love it! We topped that all off with some even more amazing key lime pie. Then we called it quits to prepare for our long day on Saturday.

Saturday we took a ferry to Dry Tortuga National Park, which was 70 miles west of Key West. The ferry ride took almost two and a half hours, and we spent a decent bit of the ride napping. This nap was after our breakfast on the ferry, which included CHEESE CUBES!

Upon arriving at the island, we got our first glance at Fort Jefferson. When I say "island," I mean this thing was small. You could have seen from one beach to the opposite beach if a fort wasn't smack-dab in the middle. The fort was super cool and it's incredible that a structure like that was built on such a small chunk of land.

We waded into the water and realized it was freezing. Well, at least compared to the heated pool we were in the day before. We sucked it up and got on our snorkel gear anyway. We ventured out in the water and saw some really cool fish and underwater plants. It's so neat seeing such vivid colors in nature.

We enjoyed some lunch before heading back to the beach area, where we discovered a dog swimming in the fort's moat. It was such a funny sight to see. After another few snorkeling attempts, I realized I was starting to feel sunburnt. Thankfully there wasn't much time until the boat needed to head back because the sun hit me like a ton of bricks.

We enjoyed very strong piña coladas on the way back. RA was experiencing some motion sickness, so I spent my time chatting with a really nice couple from North Carolina. We made it back shortly after 5 and got changed for dinner.

We went to a place called Turtle Kraals for dinner. I got a salad again because I was feeling full. After dinner we went to a gelato shop and had some delicious chocolate and peanut butter gelato. Yum! Drained from the sun, we headed back to start packing for the trip home in the morning.

The trip back was nice, but of course saddening. Vacation always passes too quickly! We stopped at a place called Bob's Bunz for breakfast. We dropped off the rental car and got to the airport about 90 minutes before our scheduled flight. As we entered the airport, RA realized he left his jacket in the rental car. We thought he had time to go back, but it ended up taking him forever. I went ahead while he hurried back.

When he finally got to security, we were really pushing it time-wise. We ran through the airport movie-style because we knew our plane should already be in the boarding process. Upon arrival, we found out our flight had been delayed. After several more delays, we finally took off about 90 minutes after our scheduled time. We made it back a little after 7.

I had such a great time. I wanted to document the trip before I forget any of it. I'm very fortunate to have gotten such an awesome opportunity!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

I remember! In December!

Look who it is...

There is so much to say! I will now attempt to do a breakdown of the entire month of December.

RA and I went on a cruise the first week of December. We went with a friend (IK), her boyfriend and her parents. We cruised to Nassau, St. Thomas and St. Maarten. The water at St. Thomas and St. Maarten was so beautiful. A bulleted list of cruise highlights is as follows:
  • This isn't technically a cruise highlight, but Phillip Phillips was on our flight to Orlando. Settle down! It'll all be clear! *slapping my knee in rhythm*
  • There was this cheese plate I got for dessert at dinner most nights. I haven't stopped thinking about it since.
  • Our room steward was plotting something against us. Our towel animals included a scorpion, a cobra and a guy in a straight jacket. Sleep with one eye open!
  • We went kayaking in St. Maarten. I'm not sure how it's possible to get your kayak 180-degrees in the wrong direction, but we accomplished this several times.
  • One day it was a bit overcast and windy, so we decided to dip in the hot tub. After testing several hot tubs that were luke-warm, we found one that felt much hotter. We tried unsuccessfully to get in for about 20 minutes before we decided it was way too hot. A worker came down and tested it, and it was only 160 degrees. SCALDING! My feet burned for hours.
  • I took an adult hip hop class and failed miserably at popping and locking. Man, those guys were impressive!
I know there is much more to say, but it's escaping me now. I can't believe it's been more than a month since the trip. All in all, it was a blast! The weather was almost perfect, and we got to spend plenty of time relaxing. I love water and sunshine! The plus here is that I didn't come down with any odd ailments on the trip. Woohoo!

December 21-31: HOLIDAYHEE (Read that like the chorus of Madonna's "Holiday.")
December 21 was my last day of work for the year. I had 11 days off, and, boy, did I enjoy it! I spent most of my time either relaxing, reading, writing or getting ready for the holidays. We spent Christmas Eve at Gran's house, which was nice, as usual. I think we had a whopping 32 people there, so it was very festive. My aunt MJ gave me a sweater that looks like Big Bird's legs. I love it!

After we finished at Gran's house, we headed to Claire and Billy's house to play games and drink egg nog. My mom eventually got so excited about giving out presents that we opened most of them on Christmas Eve rather than Christmas morning. It was a lot of fun! I was battling a migraine, and I accidentally exacerbated it by putting on this snowman headband. Darn you, Frosty! If you're curious, green Swedish Fish are pineapple flavored.

Christmas Day was nice and relaxing. We finished exchanging gifts at Claire and Billy's before heading to our Christmas gathering with my dad's side of the family. Like we usually do, we enjoyed a delicious Christmas breakfast, where I discovered the best pimento cheese ever. We also had sausage balls, so you can bet your bottom dollar that I had plenty of those.

On December 30, ES and I went to the Falcons game. The game was somewhat irrelevant for the Falcons, but I obviously still hoped to see a win. WRONG! The Falcons lost to Tampa Bay, finishing the season 13-3 as the number one seed in the NFC.

I ended up winning my fantasy football league for the second year in a row. Last year it made sense because my team was actually good. Somehow, despite having a rocky team, I was able to pull through this year. I would like to give the glory to Aaron Rodgers, Percy Harvin, Julio Jones, Tony Gonzalez and Michael Crabtree. I know that those are all solid players, but I'm not naming the rest for a reason. Team Wait For It in the house!

Finally, on New Year's Eve, we ended up going to a rooftop party that my friend BB organized. It was fun! It was a small crowd and was relatively laid back. Several friends were there, and we really just got to enjoy ourselves without the riffraff of an open-to-the-public NYE party. I also had sugar that looked like glitter! It is 2013, and THAT IS INSANE!


I'm going to go ahead and post this because I've abandoned it several times. I wrote all but the last few paragraphs more than three weeks ago, so I can't risk postponing again!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Turkey Shmurkey

Happy day-after-Thanksgiving!

I had a nice Thanksgiving. I watched some of the parade, ran 3.5 miles and ate the best mashed potatoes known to man. I watched some football and took some naps, but most of all just enjoyed the simplicity of the day. I love this time of year. Aside from the people who are probably strangling each other for televisions right now, I really do think the holidays bring out the best in people.

This year RA and I adopted two families for Christmas. If I do any shopping today, it will likely be for them. We need to get a sewing machine, bikes, an MP3 player, etc. When I was little, we always picked angels off of a tree at church and went shopping for gifts for people who might not otherwise get them. I look forward to continuing a similar tradition as an adult. I've been fortunate to always have gifts under the tree on Christmas morning.

I've had two doctor visits over the past few weeks, and they both went surprisingly well. At the CF doctor, my PFTs were down a bit from baseline, but up a bit from the previous visit. Perhaps the doctor was feeling generous because I don't have to go back for three months. Hooray! I also went to the ENT so he could have a look at my sinuses, and I was relieved to hear that they "don't look too bad." I haven't been to the ENT in more than a year, so I figured the possibilities were limitless. Hooray for healthcare and decent reports at the doctor!

The Falcons are 9-1. They lost their first game to the Saints about two weeks ago. UGH, THE SAINTS. They played an ugly game of football last weekend to beat the Cardinals. On Sunday, they play the Buccaneers, and I hope to see none of last weekend's shenanigans repeated.

In fantasy football news, my team is 8-3. I'm going to have a tough week considering 7/13 of my players were injured as of yesterday. I'm hoping that the holiday spirit heals their sprains/strains/pulled muscles so that I can get another win this week. I think I'm pretty set to make the playoffs regardless, but I'd like to finish the regular season strong. GET IT TOGETHER, BOYS!

Well, I guess it's time to make the most of my day off. I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

blah blah vote blah blah


I am writing a blog. Can you tell? I actually sat down with the idea that I'd poke around on Facebook or Twitter, but then I remembered that it will be filled with election talk. I don't so much mind the election talk, but social media has made it way too easy for people to shove opinions down your throat. I know that elections are exciting and important, but people generally feel the need to talk too much. (It's a bit hypocritical because I run my mouth on here a lot, but you would have actively chosen to come to this site to hear what I have to say.)

In case you're curious, I voted today. I actually tried early voting last week, but the line was wrapped around the building, so I turned right around. It was a good move because it only took ten minutes to vote today, if that. Anyway, the only reason I started this story was to say that, as I walked into the elementary school where I vote, a lady was like, "Oh, I thought you were a student walking in for a second!" I get it; I'm small in stature. I think 11 years old or younger is a bit of a stretch, though. People, people, people.

My cousin's wedding last weekend was great. The weather couldn't have been more perfect. It was in Dahlonega on a nice plot of land. She and her dad actually rode in a horse-drawn carriage to walk down the aisle. How crazy and cool! It was so beautiful and simple. It truly could not have gone more perfectly. She wore orange Converses, and I loved it. I'm very happy for her and her now-husband. My parents rented a nice little cabin. It was relaxing and enjoyable!

The Falcons are 8-0! My fantasy football (I can't ever decide whether or not I should capitalize that.) team is 6-3. It could be better; it could be worse. Anyway, I've injured several more players, but I've lost count of my injuries at this point. Basically all of my team members should watch their backs.

I'm starting to get tired, and I have a long day tomorrow. I've had a long several weeks as well, topping off what's been a long year. I've reached so-sleepy-I'm-grumpy mode, so it's probably best if I hit the hay and get a good night's sleep.

I tweeted this earlier, but I dreamt that the voting line was blocked by a gigantic chunk of mozzarella cheese. Who am I?! Speaking of, sweet dreams!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Pain later.

I just got home from watching my brother-in-law, sister and sister's friend run in the Atlanta marathon. What a morning for it! It's the coldest morning we've had all year, I think, and it's starting to get a little wet from Hurricane Sandy. Brr! Several of us were there holding signs, and it was fun to cheer for the runners. We definitely amused ourselves!

The Falcons play the Eagles today in Philadelphia. The Falcons are actually the underdogs, but I have a good feeling about it. I think it has already started raining in Philadelphia from the storm, so it might get pretty messy today. I wore my Falcons hoodie to the marathon and waved a Falcons flag, so that's got to bring the team some good luck. Goooo Falcons! The Eagles are 13-0 coming off of bye weeks under this coach, but every streak must come to an end.

One of my best childhood friends (KZ) got married two weekends ago, and it was a blast. The wedding was in Rome, which is quite a beautiful little town. It was so low-key and full of awesome attendees. The ceremony went off without a hitch. I was responsible for carrying the groom's ring, which was somewhat nerveracking, but I made it to the vows without losing it! I only have one more wedding to attend this year, and it's my cousin's (EJ) next weekend. Until next spring...

My doctor's appointment went okay the other week. I ended up getting put on oral antibiotics, and I go back in about two weeks. I'm not surprised it wasn't my best, but I thought it would have gone slightly better than it did. You win some; you lose some!

Yesterday, when getting dog food at PetSmart, I saw a little jester collar and hat on sale for $1.97. Of course I had to get it for Noodle, and I had her wear it for much of the day yesterday. I think the collar might be the key to the Falcons' victory today. I like the sound of the little jingle bells on it. Aww!

Well, I hope the Falcons make me proud today. Rise up!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Back that thing up

Well, well, well... To address the elephant in the room, the Braves lost the stinkin' playoff game. They made three errors that gave up five unearned runs. Painful. They lost their best scoring opportunity on a pop-up to left field, on which the umpires absurdly applied the infield fly rule. The horrid call got a lot of air time, and the remainder of the game was played under protest. It wouldn't be Braves baseball without some insane drama! Despite the loss, I'm glad I went.

I was supposed to go to the doctor on Monday for a check-up and my annual labs, which meant fasting since Sunday night. When I was getting ready on Monday morning, Noodle took it upon herself to open a cabinet and find the only chocolate that exists in the house. In addition to half of a huge chocolate bar (ahem, dark chocolate, the worst kind for dogs), she ate an entire bag of craisins.

I obviously started freaking out about the chocolate, and my friend (IK) gave me a recipe for a potion to make her throw up. At this time in the saga, it's literally impossible for me to make it to the doctor on time. She drank one dose and I could tell she wanted to vomit, but she was holding it back. I whipped up another dose, but she'd realized it was awful by this point, so I tried adding some peanut butter. Not thinking, I ate a fingerful of peanut butter, accidentally breaking my 12-hour fast. After this, I just threw in the towel and canceled my appointment all together.

When she threw up, boy, did she throw up! Tons and tons of it. The only casualty I suffered was one rug. If you were to make a baked bean and craisin casserole... TMI.

I am slowly injuring every player in the NFL through my fantasy football efforts. I have now injured my back-up running back's back-up. This one was season-ending. In case you aren't following, I'm now on my fourth different starting running back for one slot. Quite impressive, if I do say so myself. I'm 3-2 for the season, so I could be doing much worse given all of my injuries.

I'm sure I have more to say, but I'm very tired. The Falcons are 5-0, which is AWESOME!!!!!


Friday, October 5, 2012

It's Wild-Card Friday!

Go Braves!

Tonight is a big night for the Atlanta Braves. After a dramatic season (What's new!?), the Braves will compete in the first-ever one-game Wild-Card playoff tonight. (Lots of hyphens there!) The Braves were playing incredible baseball at the end of the regular season (minus the games that they didn't use their starters), so I am excited to see what's in store.

Speaking of Atlanta sports success (You don't hear that often...), the Falcons have started the season 4-0. There were several too-close-for-comfort games, but they've put together a really solid team this season. I went to the Monday Night Football game against the Denver Broncos a couple of weeks ago. What a game! I somehow ended up in the most obnoxious section ever, but it was still a blast. (By obnoxious, I mean that the fans felt the need to yell ignorant commentary on everything, the boyfriend and girlfriend behind me broke up in the first quarter, the boyfriend proceeded to pass out with his knees where my head should be until the fourth quarter, etc.)

I went to Arizona last Wednesday through Monday. It was mainly for work, but partially for fun. I absolutely loved the weather out there. Supposedly we got there just in time for "cool season" of about 100-degree days, but I loved it. People were joking about how the "dry heat" concept was a myth, but I totally agree. I could be in the heat all day without feeling sticky and gross. The nights there were absolutely perfect. They weren't hot or cold; they were just right. (Goldilocks!) I would love to go back there. I stayed at an incredible resort called Montelucia. It was just as beautiful as it looked in photographs, which isn't often the case.

Well, I better get moving this morning.

Happy Friday to all...and GO BRAVES!

Monday, September 10, 2012

I'm sorry, Fred Jackson...

Well, this fantasy football season has started out drastically different than last year's. One of my key players got hurt after playing only one quarter yesterday, so my line-up is pretty much botched for the week. Maybe it will be good to get a loss out of my system, but OUCH! Technically I could still win, as I have a player playing right now, but unless he gets about 32,348 touchdowns, it's not gonna happen. I am ready to make some moves!

I have had a CRAZY few weeks at work. They involved a hefty chunk of overtime and some huge projects, but one of them was due today and, WHEW, it's done. One 260-page document later... FREEDOM! I am very satisfied.

Two weekends ago I was in Hilton Head for a wedding. It feels like it was about a year and a half ago by now, but I just got home a week ago. It was beautiful! The beach at Hilton Head was like something out of a movie. There were literally umbrellas every five feet, and it was so packed that you could hardly walk. It was cool being at a beach like that (It reminded me of the Where's Waldo beach picture.), but it was also kind of overwhelming.

The welcome dinner and wedding were great! They were extremely laid-back, which I absolutely loved. The wedding was in a gazebo on the lake. There were little (HUGE!) alligators swimming around. It was simple and beautiful.

I made a tie-dyed shirt by the pool at craft time.

There was also a celebrity golf tournament at the resort at which we were staying. By "celebrity," I mean people-whose-names-you-don't-know, but I did see Kevin from "The Office." The fact that I said "Kevin from 'The Office'" implies that I don't know his name, which is 100% true. Anyway, that was kind of interesting. We also went out to breakfast on the trip and I was asked if I needed a kids' menu, so... life is good.

Last weekend I went to a bridal shower where I fell in love with Bloody Marys. I also had an amazing breakfast casserole and some tiny muffins that were incredible!

I got a haircut yesterday, but it isn't noticeable or worth writing about. Disregard that last sentence.

Oooh, Saturday night my sister and brother-in-law (CRAZY!) had people over to watch football. They projected the game on a sheet in the back yard. (Yeah, c'mon!) It was so unbelievably crisp and clear and GIGANTIC. I am still fascinated by the thought of it. There was Rotel dip and burgers and cake pops in the shape of footballs! Man, food is exciting!

I guess it's time to call it a day. I feel like staying up 'til all hours of the night since I am free from that work project, but I think it's best for me to snooze.

Good night and good vibes!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Wait for it...

Hello! It's Friday morning of a LONG WEEK!

Work has been absolutely insane, and I am looking forward to a much-needed weekend. Hooray!

I think the "Worst Day of the Week" award goes to Wednesday. On Wednesday, it was two hours from the time I walked out of the door at home until the time I sat down at my desk. Yes, two hours. I really don't have much of an explanation except for TRAFFIC and PARKING. I did get to see Baton Bob in this adventure, so I guess it ended on a good note. Aside from the getting-to-work escapades, the day wasn't too bad. My computer [at work] did randomly lose its mind. It's never a good sign when the help desk says, "Hmm, this is odd. It's as though your computer doesn't exist anymore."

My little doggie slept at the vet last night because she had phases 2 and 3 of her heartworm treatment. I miss yelling at her. I get her back today. That little rascal!

We had our fantasy football draft on Monday. After some major issues with the ESPN site, our 7:30 draft finally started at 9:15. I am feeling pretty good about my line up, particularly Aaron Rodgers and Julio Jones. Juuuuuuuuuuuuliooooooooooo! Come on, team! Mama needs a new pair o' shoes!

I'm trying to remember if my last post was before or after watching the mini horse, Tyson. I have no idea, and I don't want to look. Mini horses are so precious! I have never been a big horse fanatic, but mini horses are adorable. RA and I took care of a mini horse in the wee hours of the night/morning last Saturday and Sunday.

Hmm, well, I guess it's about that time that I need to start busting it in order to catch the train. I hope today wins the "Best Day of the Week" award!

Thursday, August 16, 2012


Hello world!

It's Thursday night of the longest week known to man. I'm being a bit dramatic there, but it feels like this week has gone on forever. I am so tired right now that my blinks are lasting 43x their normal length, and it's not even 10:00 p.m. I am going to sleep like a baby tonight!

Well, what's new with me? I don't know. I am going to go stream-of-consciousness here, but what's new in that regard?

My little Noodle doggie is sitting in the computer chair being the cutest thing known to man. Apparently "known to man" is the best phrase known to man. I love her warm little torso. Aww, she just sighed. That was the sweetest sound known to man.

The Falcons are playing right now. Yeehaw! Obviously it's preseason football, but I've missed it. I actually went to the first preseason game last thursday with RA. My brother-in-law (How weird is that?!) offered me tickets the day of, and I snatched those babies right up. The game was fun. It's a lot less stressful watching preseason football than it is the real deal.

Speaking of football, I am managing a fantasy football league this season. Our draft is next Monday night, and I am way excited! Fantasy football = real fun. I can't wait to get unreasonably competitive over something that I can't control. That's my idea of a good time!

I've gotten back on the post-hospital exercise bandwagon. I'd been exercising some here and there, but I'm once again trying to meet my 180-minutes-a-week goal. I'm in pretty good shape time-wise for this week; I need to get 55 minutes over the next two days. Fifty-five, shmifty-five.

Today I had a tiny red velvet cupcake.

I have a lot of work to accomplish tomorrow. This week has been insanely chaotic. I haven't had a week like this in quite some time.

Okay, I've reached the point of exhaustion where I'm staring randomly into thin air. I think it's time to put an end to the most worthless blog post known to man.

Have a good night, creatures!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Enter: Real World

Blah, blah, blah. I haven't written in forever. Blah.

Well, today not only marks the first time I've blogged in about a month; it will also be my first day in the office since July 6. Insanity, I tell you! I worked July 9-11, but I worked from home due to the nature of the project. Then I was in Denver from July 12-15 for a wedding. At the end of the Denver trip, I got a cold and made the mistake of calling the doctor at the end of the workday on Monday, July 16, so he encouraged me to go to the ER.

Despite every ounce of me thinking it was an overreaction, I went, they admitted me, I did 17 days of IV antibiotics, and now I'm back in action. I won't get into the details of the course of antibiotics, but it was the hardest time I've ever had. (Well, it was probably tied with Blood Clot Fiasco 2007.) After much tiredness, Benadryl and vomiting, here I am!
Denver was AWESOME! I have always considered myself a beach girl, but them mountains was fun! I saw some of the most beautiful sights and absolutely loved the city. My cousin, Andrew, got married on Friday, July 13, and that was a ton of fun. We went to the Rockies-Phillies game on Saturday, July 14, and, despite the Phillies' win, it was a great experience. I wasn't sure if I was affected by the altitude until I went to Coors Field. WHEW! That was intense!
Like most people, I have been completely consumed by the Olympics these past few weeks. I know it would demand a lot of the athletes, but I wish it was always the Olympics. Not only is it pretty quality entertainment, but it also has an uncanny ability to make me feel unaccomplished and motivated at the same time. Granted, I would spend all of my time sitting in front of the TV, but I would at least feel like I should be doing more with my life. :)

I performed Friday night for the first time since July 6, too! It was so much fun to be back on-stage surrounded by hilarious people. One of my coworkers (KP) came with a big group of people, so that was a blast! I'm excited that I'm getting back into the swing of things!

Well, I better get to moving so that I can pick up some much-needed coffee as I venture back into the real world. Wish me luck, kids!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Dog days of summer!

I can't stand the sound of dogs chewing on bones, people filing their nails, etc. I'm not sure why, exactly, but it makes me shudder.

I tweeted about this recently (How 2012!), but I also shudder at the feeling of tearing cardboard. Other things that fall into this category include feeling dry laundry, touching dry cotton pads, etc. Am I weird, or am I weird?

This weekend has been nice and somewhat long. The 10:30 show got canceled last night, so I've been responsibility-free since after Friday's show. I haven't had a weekend like this in a while!

One of my CF camp friends (EW) got the call for new lungs on Friday afternoon. The transplant was yesterday, and it went off without a hitch. How incredible! Organ donation is such an amazing thing. I wonder if she has come-to yet. I can't imagine the stress that the body endures.

I have a short work-week because I'm heading to an out-of-town wedding. I'm excited for the time off and the opportunity to visit a new place. Congrats to my cousin and his fiancée! (I think the girl version has two e's.)

In other news, it's still as hot as all get-out.

I actually wrote everything before this before noon today and neglected to post it, so I'll go ahead and do so.

Healing thoughts for Emily!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

And I gladly stand up

Hello America! Happy 4th of July!

Well, I've had a lot of fun lately! I'll give you some highlights...
  • Braves game: I went to a Braves game last Thursday, June 28. Despite the Braves' loss (bringing my season record to 1-2), I had a good time. Woohoo!
  • Jerry Seinfeld: I saw a Jerry Seinfeld stand-up show! It was absolutely hysterical! I don't think I truly realized how hilarious he is until I was at that show. I am still laughing about some of the jokes. I know stand-up folks say this about improv folks, but I can't even imagine how difficult it must be to do stand-up.
  • Tim McGraw/Kenny Chesney: I actually feel like I've posted since I went to this concert, but I don't remember mentioning it. If I already mentioned it, deal with it. It was on a Sunday night, so that was slightly lame, but it was so much fun! After much debate, I think I prefer Tim's music to Kenny's. I know -- that was bold!
Aside from those big highlights, several other things have happened:
  • I discovered a nail in my tire, so I look forward to fixing that.
  • The saga of my floor continues. Yes, the floor that flooded in May of 2011. The new floor is buckling at strange places, and I hope to get it fixed within the next few weeks, although it might involve redoing the entire floor. YESSSSSSS!
  • I got some new running shoes! LOVE THEM! (Thank you, Mom!)
  • I had a doctor's appointment -- same ol', same ol'. Not wonderful, but not bad.
Well, I guess I better stop running my mouth so I can get ready for a POOL PARTY!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wed. Nez. Day.

Good morning, Blogger! How art thou?

I'm getting ready to head into good ol' work. I plan to treat myself to a chai tea latte with a SHOT OF ESPRESSO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope that my energy level will be the equivalent of all of those exclamation marks.

Well, what's new in my life? Aside from the $0.47 in cash-back I received on my checking account statement... Someone with my same name in Mississippi has been ordering some pizzas online, and the confirmations have been coming to my email address. Both orders were exactly the same, and this savvy shopper has been using a coupon code. Way to go, Drew! Eat that Chicken and Bacon Carbonara!

(Does anyone else using Blogger [or anyone at Blogger who was eagerly awaiting another post from me] have the same issue with the auto-save? It literally stops you from typing for a few seconds, which is super obnoxious. I realize I already typed something along these lines, but I am allowed to complain until I get that latte.)

I already tweeted about this (How 2012!), but I had a dream last night that I was eating sour gummy worms at a very small Boyz II Men concert. I believe it was at a university. One of last season's Bachelorette contestants was with my group of people. They opened with "End of the Road," and their voices were so beautiful. It was much better than Monday night's dream about losing the two teeth to the left (when facing me, if you're interested) of my two front teeth. I think that dream was because I forgot to make a dentist appointment on Monday. I made it yesterday, though, which is why my subconscious let me eat those sour gummy worms at the concert last night. Deeeee-lish!

Last week's vacation was AMAZING. I want to go on vacation every other week. I forgot how much I love the sunshine! It was beautiful weather, quality time with family, tons of indulging, etc. I think it was the last non-wedding related trip I'll go on this summer... or was it? MWAHAHAHA!

Well, I better finish getting ready for work so that I can get my hands on that latte. Happy Wednesday!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Seat Yourself

Man, have you ever played Mad Gab? (I think that's the name.) That game is fun! I can't describe it easily, so just Google it. There was no point to this information, but it inspired the title of this post. The clue was "see chores elf," with the answer being "seat yourself." My mom kept repeating "see chores elf," and it sounded exactly like she was saying "seat yourself," but it just wasn't clicking. Yep, you needed to witness it yourself.

I feel hungry, but I've eaten plenty today. I'm on vacation, so I don't return to work until June 18. Woohoo!

My dad and I have been doing a decent bit of fishing in the ocean. So far we've caught 12 catfish, 4 whiting and 4 sharks -- all hammerheads. They are so adorable and have tiny little eyeballs!

Tonight I get to sleep in a real bed, so that's exciting! Moving on up! I'm excited because the floor has been somewhat anxiety-provoking ever since the R-word incident on night one. I don't want to talk about it.

I am so tired right now.

I guess I better go bask in the fact that I'm sleeping in a bed. This is a rare accomplishment on this particular trip.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Pink lime

I'm drinking a pink lime frozt (Why the "z"?) at Starbucks. I'm sitting outside, and it's probably about 10 degrees too warm to be doing so. But I am invincible with my pink lime froZt.

I had a busy holiday weekend. I performed in three improv shows, so that was a blast. Saturday I went bridesmaid dress shopping. Sunday I went to a brunch to celebrate the four marriages on my mom's side of the family. Monday I (unfortunately) went to the Braves game, and they lost in a Braves-like fashion. Last night they broke their impressive 8-game losing streak. I had such high hopes for that streak!

Tomorrow I go back to the doctor, so we'll see how that goes. I wish I could say I was looking forward to it, but I'd be a big old liar.

I guess I better head to rehearsal since it takes 15 minutes to go half of a mile in Atlanta.

Smile about something!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Hello! It's time for my occasional post. I'm pretty sure the last time I posted was around the time of my birthday. I've been going pretty much nonstop ever since, but does that surprise anyone?

First and foremost, my sister got MARRIED this past weekend. It was so much fun, but I am wiped out. I spoke at the rehearsal dinner, and that was a lot of fun. I was told my speech was "epic." I also got my first pedicure on Friday. My toes are lookin' good!

The wedding day itself reminded me of prom. We got up super early to start getting our hair done. I loved mine! The photographer arrived at 10:30 a.m., and it was pretty much paparazzi fest for the remainder of the day. I can't wait to see some of the photos, especially where we reenacted the cover of the Bridesmaids DVD. The ceremony itself was pretty short. I felt like I might tip over at a few points, but I think that part of that was due to my lack of spectacles.

The reception was a blast. We did the Wobble. Claire also dedicated Montell Jordan's "This is How We Do it" to my brother and me. There were some awesome mashed potatoes with all kinds of toppings. By the end of it, I was so worn out that I fell asleep around 10:30. I had so much fun! I am so happy for Claire and Billy. Claire was gorgeous, Billy was handsome, and they both looked so happy. Happy ever after!

The improv benefit show (Laugh 'Til You Cough) was a huge hit. My team is still short of our Great Strides goal, but I am pleased. The walk is on Saturday! I wish we had raised more money at this point in time, but I know some years are tougher than others. I'm also missing several walkers from last year, and I didn't factor that in when setting my goal.

(I know this post is dragging on! I should break it into several to look like I've been blogging more frequently!)

I had a doctor's appointment today, and it didn't go as well as I'd hoped. I'm not surprised, though, given how busy I've been. I got put on two oral antibiotics and have to go back in two weeks. I think that, if I can increase my sleep and decrease my running-around-like-a-crazy-person, I ought to be just fine.

I've been exercising like a champion! I've met my minimum of three hours every week except one. (I started probably two months ago.) I feel a lot better when I'm in a good workout routine.

I was planning to get to bed at 9:30, and I just realized it's a few minutes after. I better go ahead and post this so that I can get up and exercise before work.

Go Drew's Crew!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Huddy birthday to me!

Guess what! I'm going to the Braves game today! I haven't been to a game yet this season, and I'm fortunate to make my return on the same day Tim Hudson makes his. The temperatures are going to be in the high 80s today, so I'm prepared for a doozy. I'm excited!

I celebrated my birthday on Thursday, and it was nice! I got up pretty early, exercised and scheduled a massage appointment. Then I headed to meet a friend (CP) for Tin Lizzy's (Mmm... Mexican Food Round #1). I then hurried to my massage. It was glorious, but I did think the masseuse might rip off my Achilles' tendon at one point. My Achilles' tendon is my Achilles' heel. I came home and showered before heading to Mexican Food Round #2 with RA. It was a nice, simple day!

This weekend I did the hat trick of improv shows -- Friday's show and both Saturday shows. The shows were a blast! I laugh a lot backstage and even on-stage (oops!). Last night's most surprising moment was when I got hit in the rib cage by a dill pickle spear. Man, it was so unexpected and hilarious!

I know this is a short post, but I better start slathering (weird word) on the sunscreen before I head down to the stadium. Happy weekend, world!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

So this is where the title goes, huh?

This is my first time using Blogger since some apparent updates were made. Hopefully I won't get agitated.

So, I've done my infamous wait-forever-between-posts trick, which is getting pretty old. (Blogger just made me agitated.) Every time I write, I make the resolution to write more frequently, yet I still seem to fall into my old ways. Maybe it's a sign of aging. What? Did someone mention aging? That's funny because my birthday starts in 21 minutes. I'm sure I've probably said t(Blogger just made me more agitated.)his before, but I am not a birthday person. I don't run from birthdays or anything, but I sure don't expect much on my birthday. I take birthdays with a grain of salt (or multiple grains of salt on the rim of a margarita!), and I am fine if it's like any other day. I prefer that my birthday be as non-stressful as possible, but that's pretty much the only requirement. (It's really unfortunate when Blogger auto-saves and loses everything I type in that 3-second window. For someone who types a billion words per minute, that's a lot of text.)

What all has happened since April 8, you ask? I'll give the rundown of the things I can recall at this moment. The weekend before last was my sister's bachelorette party. A group of us went up to a house in Dahlonega and went to the wineries. It was a lot of fun! We reminisced about Free Willy, played Cranium, ate queso, etc. I seriously had a blast! I cannot believe that Claire gets married in just over two weeks. Insanity! Speaking of looking good in my bridesmaid dress...

I went running on Sunday and took a tumble down an asphalt hill. That was pretty unfortunate, especially for my left leg and hand. Thankfully I'm still all in one piece, but my leg is pretty skinned up, and my palm is to' up from the flo' up. I've been healing quite nicely! After having an approximately 15-year streak of not skinning any elbows or knees, my success has come to a[n asp]halt. A big thank you goes out to the cars that slowed down -- I'm not sure if they were being helpful or laughing too hard to drive.

My birthday now starts in four minutes. (I know you're probably thinking I don't type a billion words per minute, but Blogger has been acting out this entire time.) I feel like I should post this now.

I will say more very soon. I mean that. SENDING LOVE!

Sunday, April 8, 2012


Good grief! You're killing me, Blogger.

First and foremost, happy Easter to all Easter celebrators out there! I went to a family gathering at Gran's house today, where I ate some delicious food and spent some time visiting. The weather couldn't have been more beautiful. Spring has sprung! My eyes are still itching a bit, though. I wouldn't mind a nice April shower!

So, I was really impressed with myself because I thought I'd written last week. However, I re-read my last post and realized that I last wrote two weeks and one day ago. I couldn't decide whether to be more disappointed that I didn't accomplish the two-posts-in-two-weeks feat or that I have lost all sense of time.

That being said, a lot of good things have happened since I last blogged, especially as it relates to fundraising. My team is above the $6,200 mark, and I can only hope that the momentum continues. I am so grateful for all of the donations I have received thus far. I am continually amazed by strangers' generosity. (Shameless plug: If you are a stranger that happened upon this page, here's what I'm yapping about: People are wonderful!

I have been doing a pretty good job of exercising recently. I feel like I mentioned this in my last post, but I'm too lazy to check, so you can hear it again! I've set a goal to work out three hours a week, and I have been quite successful. This is a time when my stubbornness comes in handy. I did 30 minutes today; I'm one-sixth of the way there. (I love semicolons!)

My eyes and I are both (all three of us!) super excited by the prospect of sleeping. Sweet dreams, world!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Weeeeeeeeeee belong

I should probably be asleep right now, but I took about 2-3 hours of naps today, so I think it's fine that I'm up late (Yes, 10:30!).

Life has been crazy crazy crazy, but when isn't it? I don't even know where to start.

My sister's wedding is fast approaching. We've still got about seven weeks, I think, but the time has just flown by. Yesterday we went to her first dress fitting, and I spent the majority of the time fanning her because she was hot. She then stated, "I hope it cools down by May," which got a good laugh. I'm pretty sure it's going to be HOT outside by May, considering the thermometer has already hit 80 and it's March. That reminds me that I should probably check this week's weather; it's about time that it gets freakishly cold or blizzard-esque. Nevermind. It looks like tomorrow will bring a high of 80 again. I'm not complaining! Yet.

The CF walk is also fast approaching. I am a bit behind schedule on everything, but I'm going to kick it into gear this week. Hooray! I've had a handful of walkers sign up for my team so far, but I'm hoping to get some more! Just for recordkeeping purposes, my team is sitting pretty at $2,502 right now. My page can be viewed here: Go Drew's Crew!

Things are going really well on the health front...knock on wood! I've been doing surprisingly well allergy-wise (I've attributed this to knock-off Zyrtec.), which is awesome...especially since Atlanta had a record-shattering pollen count of 9,000-something last week. The whole stomach fiasco is hopefully drawing to a close; today has been the best stomach day I've had in weeks. I had an endoscopy on March 12, and the doctor pretty much said my stomach was inflamed, but that he didn't see an ulcer. I had a good week or two, and then it really started bothering me again. Yesterday was a bad day, but today was a good day.

In case you were wondering, the mouse on my laptop quit working, so I busted out an old-school mouse that is attached to my laptop. Please don't lose any sleep over it.

I have been exercising, kids! It seems like lately I exercise in waves. I get in a good routine, and then I jack my back up or something along those lines. Then things get hectic for a bit, and I take some time off. Then I have another good week, and then I fall off the horse. (Is that a phrase?) Last week I decided I would keep track of the time I spent exercising, thinking that it would help hold me accountable. I knocked out a surprising 184 minutes of exercise, which makes me happy. I'm hoping to beat that this week. I'm already at 45!

A few things have happened recently that make me remember how precious life is. Someone recently gave a presentation at work, and she said, "When your head hits the pillow at night, you're the one who knows what you did that day." (I'm sure she said it more eloquently, but I didn't lose the message.) Anyway, I try to do the best I can every day, and, if I have a day that didn't quite measure up, I know that I don't need to dwell on it. Instead, I can use that as inspiration to do better the next day. Cherish the days!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Marching forward

I'm blogging from my phone in bed. Yes, it's not even 9:30 p.m. and I'm about to doze off.

Unfortunately this weekend didn't consist of much catching up on sleep. I had a lot to get done, so I ended up staying awake until an unreasonable hour this weekend. This coming week is going to be a bit hectic, too, so I'm just hoping I can stay energized!

Well, to make a long story short, I reinjured my back right before I left for Cancun 11 days ago. The doctor put me on an anti-inflammatory medication that gave me a stomach ulcer while in Cancun. If anyone is thinking, 'Hey, didn't you experience an unusual and random health occurrence last time you left the country,' then you are correct. I have improved significantly since I returned home. But ouch!

Cancun was a blast, though. One of my favorite experiences was the spa. It was much less awkward than the spa in the Dominican, for those of you who know that story. There was this freezing cold tub to jump in before the hot tub, and it was unreal. The water was about 55 degrees. I was in so much pain! It was the biggest thrill of the trip, I'd say. I've never experienced anything like it.

One other random trip fact before I fall asleep... Before the flight there, they made us fill out emergency contact forms. Weird, huh? Maybe it's a new international policy or something, but it felt very field trip-like. And a bit unsettling.

Well, I'm gonna shut these silly, watering eyes.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Viva la vida, Blogger!

I'm going on a trip, fools!

Monday, January 23, 2012

No rain, no gain

Well, well, well... Here we are on this rainy Monday. It actually rained all weekend, but the rain has resulted in warmer temperatures than usual for this time of the year. I'd much rather it be raining and warm than dry and cold. Take that, Winter!

I'm not sure if it was the temperature change or what, but I didn't feel well for much of the weekend. I took about 45 naps on Saturday (I'm seriously not exaggerating.), and spent much of Sunday on the couch coughing. It was pretty exhausting. I took Theraflu and got about 10 hours of sleep last night, accompanied by the occasional waking-up-coughing. I was already on antibiotics when I went to the doctor on January 13, but they upped the dosage and put me on a second one as well. Due to some incompetencies by Target pharmacy workers, I just got the second antibiotic yesterday, so I'm hoping that this whatever-it-is can be put to rest. I've been feeling under-the-weather for entirely too long.

Now for life's non-complaints...

I have been working out lately! I forgot how much fun it is to get some physical exercise. Plus I'm going to be on a beach exactly one month from today, so that's motivating, too. Hooray for strength and sun!

I performed improv Saturday night at 8 and had a blast. I got to do something I'd never done before -- dubbed for a film that was put on silent and projected on the TVs. It was a blast!

What else? It's crazy that it's already nearing the end of January. I feel like we were just counting down to 2012! I can tell it's going to be a good year.

Here's to a NyQuil-enhanced sleep!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Slack Attack

So, I wonder how many months I can summarize in a single blog post. Only time will tell...

November highlights include:
-Diagnosis of a slipped disk in my lower back (The actual incident occurred in August when I leaned forward in a booth to dip a chip in queso. Things were never the same again. This is one of those things that you wish was a joke because it's so ridiculous.)
-Physical therapy (This involved some mermaid-like movements.)
-Falcons vs. Saints game (Yes, I will confront you.)
-Train ride to Nawlins! (My mom and I went on a journey, and it was great to get away. "That's a good-lookin' rat.")
-Eating a sandwich that had MACARONI AND CHEESE ON IT!!!

December highlights include:
-A new microwave that I never would have bought if Sears didn't fail at installing my first one
-My first business trip to New York City (Nothing says "first" like missing your flight there!)
-Going to see Cavalia! (Those horses be crazy, but those acrobats be crazier.)
-Falcons vs. Vikings game (You should have seen me do the Wobble in that tent!)
-Taking a week-long staycation (I have nothing to show for it...not even sanity.)
-My brother's engagement (Wedding overload!)
-HOLIDAYS WITH THE FAMILY! (You can never have too much eggnog+whisky, sausage balls, Apples to Apples, Bagel Bites, mashed 'taters, Taboo, etc.)

January highlights (so far) include:
-BEING SICK (There's nothing like ringing in 2012 with a three-week cold! I think I'm on the home stretch, but I was very, very rough weeks 1 and 2.)
-Falcons vs. Buccaneers game (Let's verify that I am indeed sick by going out for a full-day activity that includes beer.)
-Winning my fantasy football league as a first-timer! (How could you not win with a name like "Wyte Chedda"? Word to my homies.)
-Getting a new roommate! (Traded one life-long friend [AH] for another [AM])

I'm pretty sure that's all the remembering I can do at this moment in time. I know there's other stuff -- probably even important stuff -- that I haven't acknowledged, but I can't be everything to everyone. GEEZ.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Here I am!

I know I'm nowhere to be found lately. I just can't keep up with this world and its crazy ways. That was simply for dramatic effect. Anyway, I actually started a post on my computer a few weeks ago, but realized I never posted it.

I'm not going to say much of significance right now, but I'm here to say I should be able to pick up the pace soon. I need to summarize the entire month of November and the first half of December.

I'm almost to work, but I have a headache I can't seem to shake (for weeks now). Today might be a half day.

Hope all is well, and thank you all for being awesome!